The Benefits of Custom Laser Cutting Plastic

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Custom Laser Cutting for Plastic


The evolution of custom laser cutting has greatly enhanced the methods that are used for plastic fabrication. Plas-Tech is one of the leading custom plastic fabrication and distribution companies servicing clients across North America. Plas-Tech is a pioneer in the use of custom laser cutting of plastic for projects of any size. This includes limited one-off production of prototypes as well as full scale high-volume production runs of plastic components. 


In order to meet the various demands of the plastic fabrication industry, Plas-Tech offers the latest in CNC laser cutting technology available today. This dedication to cutting-edge plastic laser cutting equipment using state-of-the-art 400 lasers is the foundation behind producing cost-effective parts that offer the absolute best in precision and quality. Plas-Tech continues to invest in new technologies in order to meet the ongoing diverse and ever-changing demands of the custom plastic fabrication and distribution industry.


CNC machining provides an exceptional level of accuracy and precision. The use of 3-Axis CNC laser cutters offer a level of accuracy that is second to none with tolerances of +/- 0.005”. This ensures that projects are completed to specification, on-time and within budget.

Options for Custom Laser Cutting Plastic


A major component of a successful laser cutting project is the choice of plastic used. Not all types of plastic are suitable for laser cutting due to the power of the laser and the tendency of weaker plastics to melt at a faster rate.


The most common types of plastics used for laser cutting are acrylic, acrylic mirror discs, PETG, ABS and styrene. The powerful laser cutters that are used today allow fabricators to cleanly cut hard plastics such as acrylic in thicknesses up to 1”. It is possible to create 90 degree inside corners as well thanks to the exceptionally low cutting diameter available with plastic laser cutters. For projects that require cutting as well as polishing of edges, plastic laser cutting can help to greatly reduce overall costs by eliminating the need for secondary polishing. The process of laser cutting vaporizes the plastic in a manner that creates a beautiful smooth and polished edge.


Laser Engraving and Etching


In addition to professional plastic laser cutting, Plas-Tech also offers a complete range of plastic laser engraving and etching services for clients. Plas-tech lasers use digital registration systems that allow printed plastics to be registered with exceptional accuracy. Fabricators are experienced in using the lasers to gently melt only the surface of the plastic to create beautiful printed graphics, signs, name plates and all kinds of custom engraving projects.


Laser engraving and etching can also be used for part marking. Part marking is the process of melting a serial number or part number into a plastic component to enhance the security and traceability of the parts in a run.


Plas-Tech is dedicated to meeting ongoing client needs with a full line of brand name plastic sheet, road and tube materials along with team of knowledgeable professionals available through every step of the process. Discover the Plas-Tech commitment to quality for all your custom laser cutting needs.